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Cor de Bronze Tanning Water is a clear spray that is formulated with water, vitamins, and our custom solution. It's super lightweight and made to simply apply by spraying it right on the area you want tanned whether it’s your face, neck, and chest. It's a gradual tanner which once applied, develops over eight hours, leaving you with a beautiful glow. Our fabulous 4 oz. bottle of glow water is perfect for areas that fade quicker than others to help extend an existing tan or to give yourself a fresh glow! This product can be used for face and body but is mainly suggested to use on your face, neck, and chest.


Use this product daily or as often as desired, until required color is reached. Spritz in the morning as primer, during the day as setting spray, or at night to refresh & revive your tan.


Pair it with one of our self bronzing mousses which you can use for a full body tan and use our tanning water for the perfect face glow!

Tanning Water

  • Made for face and body, spray the tanning water right on the area you want tanned while having no makeup or lotion on, wait about eight hours to rinse. You will notice the tan develop over the next eight hours once applying.

    You may use a tanning mit or makeup sponge to blend the water in circular motions, though it is not needed.

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