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  • When airbrushed with our Original solution: Wait at least 8-12 hours after your appointment before rinsing. This will allow your tan to fully develop.

  • When airbrushed with our Express solution: Depending on your artists suggestion on rinse time - wait at least 3-5 hours after your appointment before rinsing. This will allow your tan to fully develop.

  • While waiting for your tan to fully develop, please be sure to stay away from water, avoid skin to skin contact, be gentle with your skin, and avoid exercise or activities that will cause you to sweat. Staying in a cool area is best!

  • When you take your first rinse after your airbrush appointment, use lukewarm water and light soapy hands - it is recommended to avoid using soap your first rinse. Keeping your first rinse short is recommended. 

  • It is normal to see color washing off in the shower - don't worry, this is normal! You want to stand in the shower until the water is fully clear. Wait until the water is fully clear and the tan looks even. When done, if you notice any dark areas or drip marks of the color, please go back in and rinse longer - that means that the tan is not fully rinsed of.

  • After your first rinse, be sure to pat dry with your towel gently instead of rubbing the towel on your skin and then you want to fully moisturize your entire body!

  • Moisturizing twice a day is highly recommended! This will help your tan last longer and it is great for keeping your skin hydrated!

Tips to keep in mind while maintaining your tan:

  • Hot tubs, swimming pools, and long baths can shorten the life of your tan. We recommend keep your showers short and avoiding super hot water while maintaining your tan.

  • Avoid any sort of exfoliating and scrubbing, including: scrubs, loofahs, and mitts which all can also shorten the life of your tan. Patting dry after showers is key!

  • Moisturizers and soaps containing alcohol and any oil will strip your tan and cause it to fade quickly. Use a high-quality moisturizer that doesn’t contain these ingredients and is designed to prolong your tan.

  • Recommended soap: Dial bar soap l Recommended lotion: Aveeno lotion

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