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A Fully Customized Organic Airbrush Tanning Service



By Rrezarta (riz) Lekaj

Long Island, New York

As a highly trained Airbrush Tanning Professional since 2011, I have always loved the natural look of a beautiful and flawless customized spray tan. The positive outcome, happiness, and satisfaction of clients is something that I have also grown to truly love which is another amazing outcome that comes along with my passion for the business.


I have developed Cor de Bronze, which has everything to keep you looking and feeling flawlessly beautiful, glowing day to day, for all and any special occasion.


The ultimate goal is to make sure you get the perfect treatment and comfortable experience so you walk out as the best version of yourself, while promoting a healthier and safer way of tanning.


At Cor de Bronze, you are in control of your results, how dark or light you want to be, whether it is a light bronze, medium bronze, or a soft sun kissed glow is all up to you.

Each spray tan is individually customized to perfection for each client.

Cor de Bronze is your go to for a fabulous customized glow using the industries safest, highest quality, and all natural ingredient tanning solution.



Studio is located in Massapequa, New York

836 N Broadway, Massapequa, NY 11758

By Appointment Only



  • For the absolute best results, the following pre tanning tips should be taken for your flawless customized tan!

  • Prior to your appointment, it is highly recommended to fully exfoliate 24 hours before your appointment. Please be sure any products used for exfoliating are non-oil based.

  • Any hair removal, waxing and shaving should be done 24 hours before your appointment.

  • It is very important to try and avoid waxing, moisturizing, or shaving within 8 hours before your tanning treatment.

  • Please avoid dove soap before coming to your appointment and anytime after your appointment, while maintaining the tan.

  • When preparing for the appointment please be sure to arrive with no lotions, make up, deodorant, oils, or perfume on!

  • All nail treatments such as manicures or pedicures should be done before the tanning session (if needed, a polish change after the airbrush tan is okay). If nails are done right before the appointment, please be sure to remove any oils or lotions that may have been applied at the nail salon. Moisturizers and oils may act as a blockade to the tanning solution so it is very important to avoid any products on your skin when arriving for your appointment.

  • Wear very dark loose fitted clothing for after your tanning session. Please no tank tops or jeans. It is important to avoid anything rubbing against your skin during your tan developing and up until your first rinse.

  • In inclimate weather please wear a jacket, long pants, and boots. You want to be sure you avoid any rain, sweating, or water on your skin while your spray tan is still developing.

  • You may wear anything you would like during your session.

  • Please avoid sun exposure or burning from the sun leading up to your spray tan appointment. If you have experienced sunburn in the last 3-4 weeks prior to your spray tan appointment or have recent damaged skin from the sun, there is a risk of peeling through the spray tan. Wearing sunscreen to protect your skin is extremely important!

  • Any further questions please feel free to email or text Riz at anytime!


  • When airbrushed with our Original solution: Wait at least 8-12 hours after your appointment before rinsing. This will allow your tan to fully develop.

  • When airbrushed with our Express solution: Depending on your artists suggestion on rinse time - wait at least 3-5 hours after your appointment before rinsing. This will allow your tan to fully develop.

  • While waiting for your tan to fully develop, please be sure to stay away from water, avoid skin to skin contact, be gentle with your skin, and avoid exercise or activities that will cause you to sweat. Staying in a cool area is best!

  • When you take your first rinse after your airbrush appointment, use lukewarm water and light soapy hands - feel free to avoid soap your first shower if preferred. Keeping your first rinse short is recommended.

  • It is normal to see color washing off in the shower - don't worry, this is normal! You want to stand in the shower until the water is fully clear.

  • After your first rinse, be sure to pat dry with your towel gently instead of rubbing the towel on your skin and then you want to fully moisturize your entire body!

  • Moisturizing twice a day is highly recommended! This will help your tan last longer and it is great for keeping your skin hydrated!

Tips to keep in mind while maintaining your tan:

  • Hot tubs, swimming pools, and long baths can shorten the life of your tan. We recommend keep your showers short and avoiding super hot water while maintaining your tan.

  • Avoid any sort of exfoliating and scrubbing, including: scrubs, loofahs, and mitts which all can also shorten the life of your tan. Patting dry after showers is key!

  • Moisturizers and soaps containing alcohol and any oil will strip your tan and cause it to fade quickly. Use a high-quality moisturizer that doesn’t contain these ingredients and is designed to prolong your tan.

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1. Original Solution: $70
Fully customizable, all natural solution made to rinse 8-12 hours after application.

2. Express Solution: $80
Fully customizable, all natural solution made to rinse 3-5 hours after application. Our express solution also includes nutrients to help moisturize, hydrate and heal damaged skin.



Rapid 2-4 Hour Rinse: Let develop and rinse in two to four hours

8 - 12 Hour Rinse​: Let develop and rinse in eight to twelve hours

Spray on and let develop and rinse in six to eight hours


Apply on your face, let it develop for 8 hours, and rinse

Apply drops to face or body moisturizer, mix, and apply.

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